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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Am I the only birder who goes to Nazeing Meads?

Admittedly, I only go there because I promised to. I guess it’s like the last kid to get picked for the football team at school and unfortunately Nazeing Meads had no one going there to do the Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS), a survey carried out on key dates through the year to log the numbers of wetland species, so I volunteered.

It’s alright really. A few anglers, the odd dog walker (they’re all odd) and absolutely no birders. Why?

It’s got plenty to see. Kingfishers, Bullfinches, Redwing , Fieldfare, Goldeneye, Goosanders, millions of Great Crested Grebes and the most Tufted Ducks I ever saw.

Things seem to have quietened down now as we reach the beginnings of spring. All the Goldeneye have gone and of the 12 Goosanders that were regularly there, only one remains. I guess the others could have been hiding for like a joke or something but that isn’t in their nature.

I can see you!
I did my normal route watching for any fly over birds that might mess the count up but it was all pretty straightforward. Then just above the nearest treelike, a Common Buzzard drifted towards me. Normally by the time I’ve seen these birds, they’re drifting away but this one was definitely coming my way. It circled above my head for a minute or so before drifting north.

I was well happy with this. I completed the circuit and headed over too the Lee Valley Farms.

What a contrast. The place was buzzing with families, cycle enthusiasts, walkers and even some birders. Just along the path there is alway a Stonechat hanging about with nothing to do. Sure enough she was there and I just managed to get that optimum distance from it so that I could get a shot without disturbing her. Stonechats are fairly obliging anyway.




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