Welcome to my birdwatching blog. This blog will contain stories about my bird watching trips, interesting bird news and other tales that may or may not be bird related. I want to make it useful to the avid birder as well as those who may only have a passing interest in bird watching. I enjoy photographing bird life, common and rare through a spotting scope, not that they always sit still long enough for me. Being on the outskirts of North East London, my reports will not only cover my local patch of Redbridge/Waltham Forest, but also dip into deepest Essex, Suffolk, Kent and Norfolk.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Famous Grouse

Not working today due to heavy snow falling (still) and TFL's inability to get trains or track to work properly when the ground turns white. Not much happening bird wise from the kitchen window either apart from a pair of Blue Tits investigating the bird box, either for a new home or maybe just to get out of the weather.

So with nothing much to do, my mind turned to Bill Bailey. I know, I'm weird. But, it would appear he is to front a new celebrity quiz show on Sky1 that takes place at various nature reserves around the the country with celebrities, and I use that term loosely, who will score points depending on what species they see. Not sure how much of a TV viewing spectacle this will be, but it will certainly bring the dark arts of birdwatching to the fore.

So now I'm thinking, what celebrities are known for birding or are reputed to bird? Here's a list I have compiled and it makes quite interesting reading.

Theodore Roosevelt
Jimmy Carter
Vic Reeves
Cameron Diaz
Darryl Hannah
Jarvis Cocker
British Sea Power (the whole group)
Rory McGrath
Neil Peart and Geddy Lee (Rush)
Spike Milligan
Van Morrison
Kenneth Clarke
Damen Albarn
Ian Fleming
The Edge
Eric Clapton
Mick Jagger
Magnus Magnusson
Jeremy Clarkson
Alex Zane
Bill Bailey
and of course, Bill Oddie.

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