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Saturday, 17 January 2015

12 days ......a Slav.

This was a bit strange. Long-stayers don’t normally stay long enough for me. I’m usually at work or doing something that prevents me going even short distances sometimes to see a good bird. So I’m a little lost for words as I stole a couple of hours this morning to hunt down the Slavonian Grebe that has been pinging up on my mobile for a couple of weeks now.

I wasn’t expecting to see it. The stretch of water it resides on – The Heronry – was mostly covered in a thin layer of ice this morning. I started telling myself it would or should have gone somewhere else to find a bigger expanse to fish in. But needn’t have worried. I speed to distantly swimming happily about close to the waters edge and so I steadily worked my around the water, through a muddy path that led close to the bank.

I sat down amongst the brambles and frosty fallen leaves and waited. Coots came busily by and eventually so did the grebe but the grebes ganged up on it and sent it back where it came from. Another 20 minutes past and all I had were gulls, mallards and the occasional swan to enjoy. Should I move? but there wasn’t an 'easy' path through to  where the grebe was probably preferring.

Eventually after a couple of teasing glimpses, the Slavonian Grebe swam in my direction and boy can they swim. I got a few shots before it swam back again.

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